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   We rescue cockatoos and we need your help, welcome to our world....

Cockatoos are very active birds and they need space to fly and exercise and disperse some of their energy as they would do in their natural environment.  With that in mind and the amount of cockatoos we have taken into our Sanctuary we are constantly trying to raise funds to enable us to purchase new aviaries to house them. Please take a look at our current buildings for an idea of what we are trying to achieve.







Without new buildings and flights we cannot continue to take in cockatoos which need our help. If you can help by donating towards these costs it would be amazing.


We are a registered charity and rely solely on the generosity of the public.  We do not receive any government or lottery funding.

We are a registered charity in the UK a Rescue Sanctuary for all cockatoos in need. All our residents remain here for the duration of their life. We have many very old cockatoos, feather plucked cockatoos, disabled cockatoos, noisy cockatoos and those with other psychological issues. Most of these cockatoos have been someone's pet in the past and have been given up or passed to us for a variety of reasons, through no fault of their own other than they are complex creatures and exotics and often not suited to a life in a cage. They all need help. Please support us.

Our Mission

There are many ways you can donate to our charity to help the cockatoos. Please click through to our donations page for other ways or our paypal is: info@cockatoosanctuary.org

Would you like to get involved and help the cockatoos? We need help with fundraising, if you have any suggestions or can help in any way please contact us

Our mission is to provide the very best life we possibly can for these cockatoos, great aviaries, with social enrichment and a good diet, all these things cost money please help us if you can

 Our relationship with nature is more one of being than having.  We are nature: we do not have nature



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Bare Eyed Cockatoo from Australia

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