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GK Bird Boarding       Parrot Holiday

Going on holiday and need a safe place for your feathered friend to stay?


GK Bird Boarding provides a luxury, safe environment for your feathered companions when you are away on holiday or just need to be away from home for a day or so. All parrots and smaller birds catered for.

We are pleased to announce that we are now able to recommend a bird boarding service which will offer the best accommodation and care for your feathered friends. If you are going on holiday or just need to be away from home for a couple of days you don’t have to worry about who will care for your bird. 

Based in Bedfordshire between junctions 9 & 11 on the M1 motorway and only 5 miles from Luton airport. Ideal for anyone in the Bedfordshire/Hertfordshire/Buckinghamshire border area, with central London less than an hour away.  Post code LU5.


Your bird will be boarded in a luxury Liberta Endeavour cage, which can be fitted out with perches and toys or you can feel free to bring your own toys which may make your bird feel more at home. 


Special diets if required can be accommodated for.


Price is £5.50 per night per bird. Birds will need to be dropped off by the owner and collected unless prior arrangements are made with GK Boarding.


Please note we are not personally boarding the birds at our Sanctuary but we recommend this boarding service highly.


Photographs of the cage in the gallery in which your bird will have its holiday.


Only 1 bird at a time will be boarded unless there is more than 1 parrot in the family so you can be assured that there is no health risk to your bird whilst you are away. Your precious pets will be living in a smoke free environment with an air purifier in the room.


All enquiries to be made directly to GK Bird Boarding and not us.


Please telephone 07740 367218

All birds catered for from finches and cockatiels, conures, senegals, amazons, African Greys, cockatoos and macaws, and everything in between, if your bird is too small for this cage we can provide smaller accommodation.





























Proceeds from the bird boarding service will be kindly donated directly to our charity so whilst assuring your bird is well cared for while you are away, you are also helping a rescued cockatoo here at the Sanctuary.

Endeavour with perches and toys
Endeavour with perches
Java Tree
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