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Sponsor Raffie

Raffie Is a Sulphur Crested Cockatoo and he came to the Sanctuary in 2013.

We do not know how old he is nor much of his background. Raffie had been with another rescue and had been fostered out to pet homes a few times but always returned due to being either noisy or aggressive. Eventually he was deemed as not suitable for rehoming and we were asked to take him.

He's actually very sweet. Like all cockatoos they can be unpredictable and like all cockatoos he can be noisy at times. But mostly he's very gentle.

He has a flight on his own with indoor and outdoor accommodation so he has the best of both worlds. He does live on his own however as he is not tolerant of other cockatoos in his space.

Same can be said of most male cockatoos which have been pets, they can be aggressive towards others.

Raffie has a very gentle voice and seemingly was at some point in time a cherished pet.

If you would like to sponsor Raffie please click on the link.

Thank you

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