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Corona Virus and how it affects us

As the pandemic surges around the world for human beings it is inevitably having a knock on effect for the birds here at our Sanctuary.

Not that this virus affect birds themselves please note  IT DOES NOT.

Covid 19 is a strain of Corona Virus and research to date shows that pets dogs, cats birds etc are not affected and cannot carry it or pass it to humans.

Please see this link: Can pets contract Corona Virus

However the restrictions on food availability in the supermarkets and online means that we also are now unable to acquire even the normal amount of food we purchase for the cockatoos.

For instance being limited to 1 or even 3 cans of sweetcorn per shop means the cockatoos are having to go without, we are unable to buy pasta or other dried goods such as fruit and nuts, pulses etc in bulk as we normally do.

Fresh fruit and veg are sadly becoming a thing of the past with them being so limited currently.

Even sacks of parrot food are being bought up at a rate of knots by pet owners.

Which all leaves the rescues to try and find some way of surviving at this tragic time.

We do not underestimate how hard it is for people to cope themselves right now but if anyone could spare a thought for the cockatoos and help us in any way we would be so grateful.

Any donation would be amazing, either food or monetary.

If you want to donate food for the cockatoos please contact us for details.

Please click here to transfer through to charity checkout to donate.

You can donate via Paypal to:

The charity bank account is:

Kakatua Bulu Cockatoo Sanctuary


Account: 61488910

Sort 40-43-37

If you want to transfer funds directly across.

You can contact us at:


If you require any further information about how you can help.

If you need to rehome a cockatoo due to corona virus please contact us on these emails also.

Thank you

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