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Ongoing Project New Aviary.

We are asked to take in cockatoos on a regular basis and we do try to help every bird if possible. However housing these cockatoos is very costly. They need aluminium framed aviaries to ensure they don't rust, can't be chewed and last forever.

Here are some pics of our current aviaries which is what we were trying to achieve. 

Some of the cockatoos we currently have due to their hyper sensitive nature have to be housed separately particularly some of the males which are difficult to keep living happily together and space is a premium.

Please help us if you can, no donation is too small. 

Our paypal for donations is:, and all details of how you can donate are on our donations page or at the header of all the pages on our site.

Thank you in advance.

 Please see photos below of some of our aviaries

Please help if you can.

We are a registered Charity number  1146051

Thank you.

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