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Many of the cockatoos now residing here do not have a sponsor.  Sponsorship simply means you are supporting a particular cockatoo here, paying towards it's upkeep. We will publish a list of sponsors on our web site and the cockatoos chosen. The amount you sponsor is up to you. If every cockatoo here was sponsored it would enable us to put our current resourcesi towards our new aviary project. Thank you.

Whilst we need funds to enable us to realise our goal or a new aviary building to house the cockatoos, we also need offers of help from builders merchants, DIY stores etc for materials and internal fittings, we ned new cages, new aluminium flight panels . If you can't donate directly to this project perhaps you might know someone who can help or is willing to give their time?

If you prefer to simply donate and not specify a particular project or cockatoo that would be amazing. Any donation is greatly appreciated. Please look at our donations page for all ways to donate

Corporate Support! Would your organisation or work place like to support us?  Can you organise an event, a party, a holiday, a day out, an evening out with your work mates? Perhaps sell raffle tickets with a top prize for one of the above?  Again there are so many ways you can help. Please contact us if you have any suggestions and would like to help.

Be a volunteer! Being a volunteer doesn't mean you have to physically come and clean out the aviaries in your work clothes. You can volunteer for all manner of things.  Producing flyers for the charity, organising sponsored walks or swims etc, a darts match, a pub quiz, organise a car boot sale, a pyjama party etc, there are so mnay ways you can help to raise funds to benefit the cockatoos.  Please contact us if you would like to help in this way and we can send you further details

Corporate Support

Would your business like to advertise on our site? We are happy to promote parrot related businesses (not breeders) in exchange for a donation to our charity. Please contact us for info.

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