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Sam's Story

Hi! my name is Sam, and a proud owner of a 4 yr old Moluccan. I just want to say thank you for your very informative site. It is nice to know that there are people out there that care about these birds and understand that it takes a special kind of dedication to own one of these majestic birds....

As you have stated, they are intelligent and very loving. Oliver (my pet Moluccan) has never screamed like the other Moluccans that I know. I thank God every day that he is not like that. But he would bark and whistle like my dog Charlie.

Recently he has started to pluck his feathers and that's when I went on the search to find a way to stop him. I kind of knew the reason why he did it. I had to leave him at a friend for two months and when I came back to pick him up he was almost naked. Only feathers on his wings and head were left. My child was naked! 













It's a big responsibility to share your life with one. I just want people to know that if you decide to get this kind of bird. be prepared. for all the work that is put in, is paid off by his loving affection. They are truly one of God's most wonderful creatures and should be loved and not abused. I have attached a picture of Oliver taken from the window of my office. 

Sincerely yours, 

Oliver and Sam Malinis
Georgia USA

I felt so bad for him. that now, I would not dare leave him anymore. Vacation? What is that? If my baby can't go then I'm not going. He has finally grown all his feathers back still have a very few patches left but you can see all the little blood feathers filling it in. And I'm so happy. He does spend a lot of time outside of his cage and during the day. When I'm in my office. he gets to sit on a tree that I planted outside the office window just for him. I know that he will eventually kill the poor tree but I can always replace the tree but not Oliver. He loves to sit on the tree and climb all over it. Of course chew the branches as well. He loves to call the wild birds and once in a while I would find him saying hello to the surprised wild birds. There's a feeder close by that the wild birds can get to but not him. Though I have caught him trying to reach for it at times. But he is too short of a couple of inches to get it. I do hang fruits and other treats on the tree that he is on.

So he has a lot of fun foraging for the treat. It's like xmas for him every morning. He would eat anything that I would offer him. Since I don't have a lot of money, he gets to enjoy whatever fruit and vegetable that are in season. and as far as the nuts, he gets pecan all year round since I live in GA and walnuts and other nuts during the winter months. Though I have planted a walnut tree in the yard, but still have a long way for it to bare fruits. He loves his veggies and would eat everything. Just like a little pig. And I also have a vegetable garden in which he gets to eat all the fresh veggies that he wants. I grow all kinds of peppers just for him. I know I spoil him a lot. but I think when you decide to have a Moluccan you need to do these things for them. 

I don't cuddle him a lot, for I don't want him to be too attached to me. I 've seen the result of birds that are too spoiled. But I will let him sit with me every now and then, but never made it into a routine.

He is independent and is full of himself. and I'm glad for it. I know I have babbled on and on and on, but I guess I'm just happy to be a proud owner of an M2 that I could not help it.

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