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Cockatoo Photo Gallery

Some pics of our resident cockatoos here at Cockatoo Sanctuary.  Many of the cockatoos living here do not have a sponsor. If you would like to sponsor a particular cockatoo please specify on your donation which cockatoo the donation is for. There are many more cockatoos living here not yet with their image on this site, they will be added on a regular basis.

IClick on the image to reveal the full pic

Cockatoos Eating
Fred 2016
miky in the pop hole 2014
Pumpkin Pie 2016
Johnny 2016
Henry 2016
Chan 2016
Troy Moluccan Cockatoo
Tosca Free Bird
Tooie Umbrella Cockatoo 2016
Snowy Ducorps Cockatoo
Tosca Eleonoras Cockatoo 2016
Sheila Roseate Cockatoo
Plucked Ducorps Cockatoo
Poppy 2012
Polly Umbrella Cockatoo
Poppy Roseate Cockatoo 2014
Pumpkin Citron Crested Cockatoo with collar and bandage
Pumpkin Pie 2007
Sarah 2013
Pepe (female Umbrella Cockatoo)
Molly 2012
Lucy 2012
Lucy Umbrella Cockatoo 2015
Lorna Triton Cockatoo 2014
Holly 2012
Lorna Triton 2012
Cracker (plucked Ducorps) 2014
Delilah Citron Cockatoo 2013
Dinky Doo 2013
Ducorps 2012
Goffy (Goffins) 2012
Eldrick Bare Eyed Cockatoo 2014
Cookie & Tommy 2012
Cleo Jack Molly
Cockie Boy Who was 53 yrs old
Cleo (Umbrella Cockatoo) 2013
Casper Umbrella Cockatoo 2014
Alma Moluccan Cockatoo
Bad Girl 2012
Casper (Eleonoras Cockatoo)
Alma 2012
These images are copyrighted
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