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Tosca is an Eleonoras Cockatoo, they are sometimes called medium sulphur crested. These birds originate from Indonesia.

Tosca was brought to the Sanctuary in 2013 as he was unwanted. He arrived in his own cage which was completely padlocked up and Tosca had never been let out of his cage for many years, we were informed because he would not go back in, and handling him was difficult. He was also said to be extremely noisy and another reason for parting with him.

Tosca lived with his previous family for over 20 years.

We did have initial problems with Tosca as he is such a Houdini he would undo locks and catches and even un hinged a heavy aviary door just enough to squeeze through. The first time he managed to get out we had a scare as he really freaked out when he was handled and caught, he almost had a heart attack we really though we might lose him at that time. He was so scared of humans and being handled after being caged for so many years. Thankfully Tosca has now settled and we have found a way around handling him if necessary much easier for him.

Tosca is now a lovely active bird and some of these photos are of when he escaped and unhinged the aviary door as mentioned above, he did go back in of his own accord after about an hour of flying around from building to building, it seemed he didn't really want to go anywhere, just wanted to be out. The hinge issue has been rectified. He is the only cockatoo which has ever managed to lift this heavy door. He lives with Johnnie who is an Umbrella cockatoo and he is much loved.

Tosca is now Kindly sponsored by Donna Lynn Greer

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