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Aisha is a female Ducorps Cockatoo. This species of cockatoo originates from the Solomon Islands in the Pacific region. They are a fairly new species of cockatoo to the domestic market only since the 1980's have they been available in any numbers.

Aisha came to the Sanctuary in 2013 very badly plucked and she has not improved.

She was simply unwanted and passed to us, we do not know anything about her past, how old she is or why her previous family let her get to such a state.

Aisha now wears a jumper of sorts to try and prevent her plucking, her feathers do come back in some areas on her body but she continually plucks or picks at them till they bleed. It is an obsession (similar to nail biters or similar in humans) very difficult to stop once they get so far.

She has had a collar but freaks out badly with a collar on, as she cannot balance on a perch or get to the food easily with a collar on.

Currently she lives with another plucked Ducorps and a Yellow Crested cockatoo, she is indoors as she cannot go outside due to the cold weather and her lack of feathers, although during the summer she does spend time outside during the warmer days. It is so healthy for any species to have sunshine on their backs.

Aisha is so very friendly and would love to be cuddled all day, perhaps the start of her behaviour problems when she was ignored. 

Ducorps cockatoos are highly sensitive little birds, as all of the cockatoo species are, they need so much attention and care and if this is lacking they often resort to self mutilation sadly.


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