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Charlie and Tiki are 2 Citron Crested cockatoos. They have just recently arrived at our Sanctuary together.

They are really nice little cockatoos, Charlie is a little more nervous of the two, he does talk however and comes over to see what is going on but he doesn't like being handled. Tiki is more outgoing when it comes to humans and a little less nervous.

They do love each other and always sit together and preen each other, perhaps a little over zealously. They were born before 2004 but we do not have an exact age for them, although they are not old birds.

They will stay together at our Sanctuary, which is an exception to our rule as we usually keep males and females separately. However as these two have always been together that is how they will stay but we will keep a watchful eye on Charlie.

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Charlie & Tiki are now sponsored by

Shama Undre 

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Charlie & Tiki
Charlie & Tiki


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