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Hector is an Eleonoras cockatoo, they are sometimes called medium sulphur crested. These birds originate from Indonesia, (not Australia as some think).

Hector came to the Sanctuary in 2013 from another rescue, he had been fostered and passed around quite a few times and always returned, classed as a difficult bird which is why he came here. His last home he was kept in a garage covered up and ignored.

It is true that Hector takes a bit of time to get to trust you but that is due to his past having so many homes and not treated kindly, takes a bit of getting over. He does like a head scratch and you can see he desperately wants to be friends.

Hector spends a lot of time on the floor rummaging around perhaps because he did not ever have much in his past; he does suffer from sinus problems in the damper winter months also.

His feathers have never regrown and he has remained to this day feather plucked although what feathers he has, are a better condition. 


We do feel sad for Hector, he is a sad bird and we try to make his life better but he does not accept other birds and thus lives on his own but with other birds around him.


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