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Max is a Goffins Cockatoo and he has been at the Sanctuary since 2013.

Goffins cockatoos are from the Tanimbar Islands, Indonesia. They are classified as a vulnerable species in the wild due to trapping and deforestation.

He came along with Cleo an Umbrella cockatoo who also still lives here. We have no history on Max other than we were told he was a bit difficult.

Max is a nervous little cockatoo and does not like being with other cockatoos he likes his own space although he does like to be around them. If he is with another cockatoo he will either be the aggressor or the victim.

He does like human attention and does not attempt to bite just likes attention. He arrived at the Sanctuary in the same feather condition as he is now, neither improved nor gotten any worse.

We do not know how old he is but he is not a young bird, he is also a rather sad little bird and we do feel for him in that we never know if he is happy or not, he just accepts his life.

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Max is now sponsored by

Jane Bunting & 
Warren & Saira Stapley

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