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Sponsor Molly

Molly is a Citron Crested cockatoo. She is approximately 12 years old and has been at the Sanctuary most of her young life.

She was hand reared by a breeder and sold to a family who changed their minds about wanting her after a few weeks and subsequently they sold Molly to a local pet shop. The pet shop were parrot breeders themselves and were intending to place Molly in a breeding situation as these cockatoos are critically endangered and sell for a lot of money. However Molly was less than 12 months old and would have most certainly been killed in that situation, so long story short Molly came to live at the Sanctuary.

Molly is super friendly and inquisitive, she lives with 4 other female cockatoos and they all get along ok. They have plenty of space to fly and do what cockatoos do best. She always comes over to have a look at what is going on and is a happy little soul.

Whilst Molly does not have a tragic past as many of the cockatoos here do have, she did not have a great start in life but luckily she now has security and love.

If you would like to sponsor Molly please click on the link on the right of this page, thank you.

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