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Sponsor Sally

Sally is a female Triton Cockatoo and is approximately 39 years old.


Pure bred Triton cockatoos are now fairly rare as sulphur crested cockatoos have been cross bred or hybridised now for decades by unknowing (or uncaring) breeders. Sally was purchased from a pet shop way back and she was most likely a wild caught import.

She came to the Sanctuary in August 2017 after having lived with her previous family most of her life. She was given to the Sanctuary as they unfortunately could no longer care for her. 

Sally was quiet when she first arrived (the first time I have known a Triton be quiet...) but after a couple of weeks she soon came out of her shell and she is more like a 'normal' Triton (noisy!) at times.

Sally is super friendly once she trusts you and we hope to find some outside space for her during the summer months, although we do not think she can live with another cockatoo due to her advanced age and always having lived on her own. 


Sally does however like to interact with the other cockatoos via her own space and safety. She loves to chew wooden toys to shreds and plays with almonds in shell and other nuts, flicks them from under her wing across her back! A relatively common trait in cockatoos, although I have never seen this with other parrot species.

If you would like to sponsor the lovely Sally please click on the link opposite.

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Sally is now sponsored by

Angela Jackson

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