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Sponsor Tooie

Tooie an Umbrella cockatoo and came to the Sanctuary in 2013 as her previous family were retiring abroad. She was a much loved pet and we were concerned she would not adjust to aviary life.

She did take some time to get used to being around other birds and was initially very nervous, although she liked the space and the freedom to scream (which she does a lot of) without repurcussions.

Now Tooie is used to her new life and she lives with another female cockatoo, a Ducorps and they get along ok, they even sit together now which they did not do initially.

Tooie still loves to be cuddled and she always comes over for a kiss, she sings 'okey dokey dokey' and she seems happy enough.

It is always difficult with very friendly pet cockatoos to adjust as their nature is to want to be around humans when they have been hand reared.

Tooie is now sponsored by her extended family

Thank you

Tooie June 17
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